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    Andrew Witowski

    Master Biochemist at ELMA


    As ELMA's Master Biochemist, I ensure that we use only the finest ingredients and no water (an ingredient that, in similar products, can be up to 90% of the composition). ELMA's products do not contain alcohol and they are 100% natural.


    Much like a master chef, I believe cosmetics are about more than just the sum of their ingredients. 50 years of experience taught me how to extract the finest elements of each flower or herb.


    Here at ELMA, we use plant stem cell technology in all of our products and we ensure these cells activate and work with your skin stem cells once applied. When properly mastered, plant stem cells possess the innate ability to bond to human tissue and increase the skin's natural ability to heal, repair and rejuvenate!


    Thanks so much for trusting the ELMA brand!






    "In a matter of days, the dark spots on my cheeks have lightened about 60% - already!"

    (Lynda Ryan, on the ELMA 01)



    I have a long-time spine problem

    but after using "Elma BodyBalm C" cream for just a few days I got RELIEF!!!

    (Janet Frendian)


    Not only did I stop losing my hair but after 4 months of using ELMA 11, I noticed new hair in empty places on my head.

    (Jan, Mississauga)

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